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At Montesogno we muse over dreams of a more natural world and actively aspire to help make informative change possible. We pay heed to the wise often forgotten ways of man’s co-existence with the animal kingdom. We remind ourselves that every...

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The Wolf Ride

The Wolf Ride is a 4 day cycling journey across the wolf habitat of Northern Portugal raising funds to support the Wolf Conservation Centre (WCC) and ATNatureza (ATN) in their collective mission to rewilding the planet and support keystone species

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Portugal 2019

Wolf Ride

The mountainous region of northern Portugal is one of the last territories of the Iberian Wolf. The Wolf Conservation Ride will be a journey of discovery.

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Imagine a world where animals aren't poached, abused, and vilified in some cases. A world where we could be more honest about our hand in environment and habitat destruction. A world where we can step up and start reversing the species extinctions we have  jumpstarted through clumsy industrialisation and short term political thinking.