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Meet the team

Mungo Tennant – Founder

Mungo Tennant is an animal lover and is passionate about conservation. Until now, Mungo’s career has focused on property and development with an acute interest in the integrity of true design and its longevity.

Combining his experience in design, architecture and property with his own sense of style and aestheticism, Mungo has aligned his creative passions with a firm commitment to protecting the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. The result is Montesogno, a unique brand that seeks to redefine a modern essence of luxury with a more significant and consequential proposition:

“That Montesogno is a luxury brand shouldn’t take away from the fact that we are primarily about animals, design, conservation, sustainability and biodiversity, and yet the modern definition of luxury somehow doesn’t sit well with these principles. We want to change that definition. The measure of luxury is no longer the distance between the haves and have nots. Instead it should be about the sheer enjoyment of life and the infinite possibilities that are afforded to us at any moment. Luxury is gulping in mountain air, sharing the warmth of a fire with a loved one, or a moment of perfect clarity. The common thread is time. Time to consider, to create, to make better decisions and to ultimately enjoy. Time is the one truly valuable yet much depleted commodity of life in the 21st century. Luxury then is about fulfilling every minute we have. In taking time for ourselves, we can open up a whole new dimension of giving.”

Professor Mark Rowlands – Inspirer

Mungo is delighted to have met with philosopher, professor and author Mark Rowlands. He has been a huge source of inspiration, knowledge and guidance and his books have been an important part of our work and learning.

Born in Newport, Wales, Mark started his career in academia studying engineering at the University of Manchester before changing to philosophy. He took his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford and is currently a Professor at the University of Miami, Florida. He is the author of 16 books, including Can Animals Be Moral? (Oxford University Press) and the best-selling The Philosopher and the Wolf and Running With the Pack (both published by Granta).

Mark is widely respected for his work in applied ethics, especially with regards to the moral status of animals. The decade he spent in close companionship with Brenin, his Alaskan wolf, afforded him an acute insight into the moral behaviour of both animals and humans; behaviour, which is indistinguishable more often than humans, would care to admit. Mark’s work challenges us to stop and think about how we interact with our environment and the animals that share it, to reflect upon the consequences of our every action, and to question the moral and ethical framework that underlines the choices we make.

Sophie Dunster – Designer

Sophie studied print at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. Brought up aiming to live a zero-carbon lifestyle, Sophie’s love and value of the environment started from an early age. It was this that forged her creative path and continues to drive a large part of her work. Sophie’s passion is to use her talent for and love of great dress design as a conduit to encourage and involve people with sustainable issues:

“All creative processes are in some way a reaction to our immediate environments, so for me it was very natural that I was always drawn to images of the living world. Hopefully my work expresses my concerns and my fears about the future while showcasing the beauty of animals and their habitats”.