Conservation Collaborations


Montesogno have embarked on a number of collaborations with various conservation charities, whereby we create bespoke designs on an existing product range or create a new product specifically for the partnership.

Sale proceeds  go towards specifically support given initiatives and conservation causes in a focused way with the charities who are already actively involved in grass roots conservation. To date these have included-


-The Indian lion of Gujarat with Zoological Society of London with a bespoke Lion Throw design

-Amur Tiger throw in limited edition colours for 2016 Whitley Awards

Most recently

-Supporting the campaign Wildsight charity in British Columbia to keep Jumbo Valley as a wilderness area.

“The Jumbo Valley, or Qat’muk in Ktunaxa, is nestled deep in the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia. A beloved local wilderness area. A place of cultural significance. A passageway for grizzlies to move between habitats, provinces, countries. For more than a quarter century, local residents, biologists, conservationists, hunters, hikers and the Ktunaxa First Nation have been fighting to keep it wild against the impending threat of a four-season ski resort. The reasons are many: the proposed resort is on sacred land, it’s not economically feasible, it will have a negative community impact, the democratic process surrounding land use planning has been highly flawed and the potential impact to the grizzly bear population in the Purcells and beyond is huge”.

Montesogno created a design for a new sweatshirt and donated 45 so they could retail them so proceeds could go towards campaigning against this project.


-Supporting conservation heroes with Prendas Ciclismo and Whitley Fund For Nature.

Montesogno believes in businesses that look after people, communities, environments and animals first. With this ethos in mind Montesogno are excited to be collaborating with Prendas Ciclismo using the marine Animage design on an exclusive cycle jersey. The natural world is an endless source of rich colours, intricate patterns and fabrics that help us define and express who we are every single day, but too often we forget just where exactly the spirit of our image came from. We believe this beautiful jersey is the first of its kind, and therefore 10% of sales proceeds will go to the award winning Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) to support grassroots conservation leaders such as Gold Award winner, Zafer Kizilkaya, who heads the ‘Guardians of the Sea’ initiative, to regenerate fish stocks in Gokova Bay, Turkey.

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Coming soon

– A new collaboration for the Indian Tiger