Snow Leopard



Our Snow Leopard fashion collection borrows from the iconic fur pattern and monochromatic palette of this indubitably wondrous creature. As the apex predator among the rugged elevations of the Himalayas to the south, stretching up through the peaks of the Karakoram to the Altai range of Southern Mongolia, the Snow Leopard plays a pivotal role in a harsh and delicately balanced ecosystem. Although it is naturally elusive, shyness alone cannot account for the rapidly decreasing sightings of this big cat: over the past two decades, numbers are believed to have fallen by at least 20%. An even more fragile future befalls the Amur Leopard, a rare subspecies that treads a precarious existence among the temperate forests of north-eastern border between Russian and China. According to the WWF, as few as 45 remain in the wild, their population decimated by intensive logging, poaching and retaliation by local deer farmers, while years of confinement in a range no bigger than Dorset has led to genetic aberrations from inbreeding. By harnessing the desirability of its image, we hope to move one step closer to securing its future.